Anna and Steven's Currarong Wedding

Back on the 5th March 2011 I had the pleasure of being Anna and Steven’s wedding photographer in Currarong.

They say it is lucky to have rain on your wedding day, so Anna and Steven must be really lucky, as there was plenty of rain. Not enough to dampen spirits though. Even after Anna had been informed that she won’t be able arrive at the ceremony in a horse and cart, she still managed to make a grand entrance & did a little jiggy with her dad and her dog by her side.

Anna and Steven’s wedding ceremony was held at Bosom Beach reserve just next to the beach. The ceremony was performed by local marriage celebrant Dallas McMaugh.

Luckily the rain held off just enough after the ceremony to quickly get some great shots on Bosom Beach and the Currarong rock pool. Anna and Steven then went off to enjoy their wedding reception which was held at the Currarong Bowling club.


Here is a small selection of my favourite photos. Enjoy!
Currarong Wedding43 Currarong Wedding32 Currarong Wedding44 Currarong Wedding33 Currarong Wedding34 Currarong Wedding35 Currarong Wedding45 Currarong Wedding36 Currarong Wedding46 Currarong Wedding37 Currarong Wedding50 Currarong Wedding38 Currarong Wedding48 Currarong Wedding41 Currarong Wedding47 Currarong Wedding40 Currarong Wedding49 Currarong Wedding39 Currarong Wedding42

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14.04.2011. 12:44

Heather on 16.04.2011. 23:00

What a gorgeous couple!! I adore that third shot down at the beach. Fabulous work!

Heather J on 15.04.2011. 17:34

I seriously love those pups! They're so cute and I love that they came dressed for the occasion.

Cole on 15.04.2011. 17:32

Tight stuff going on here. B&W's F T W!

geneoh on 15.04.2011. 11:07

great stuff, love the dogs!

lynn on 15.04.2011. 06:09

Despite the rain, they got a LOT of glorious photos outside! What a beautiful series of images. And I love that they included their dogs. The shot of the two dogs in tuxes cracks me up. Well done!

kristi wright on 15.04.2011. 05:23

The shots on the beach are beautiful. Love the one b&w of her by herself w/ the dog in the corner.

Kelsey on 15.04.2011. 05:08

Lover your crisp, clear processing and the location is just stunning.I really like the pictures by the tide pools.

Tall on 15.04.2011. 04:59

The shot of the dogs made me lol! Beautiful images.

brooke on 15.04.2011. 02:20

these are wonderful - I love the dogs! I especially love the documentary feel of #47.

Becca Dilley on 15.04.2011. 01:36

I love how much you bring the environment into the portraits - that tree and the rocky shore bring a great feel!

Leah Muse on 15.04.2011. 00:25

Those dogs are so adorable! Lovely day.

Joseph on 14.04.2011. 23:48

Wow, this wedding looked amazing, incredible location too.
Great work.

Marianne Taylor on 14.04.2011. 21:30

Such gorgeous locations for the portraits! Swoon. Beautiful set.

Nikole on 14.04.2011. 14:46

The tide pool shots are all kinds of wonderful. That one of the bride in the middle of the post is breathtaking.

Lana on 14.04.2011. 13:41

Love the shot in the tide pools. So pretty, but I think the dogs are stealing the show ;)

Amanda Basteen on 14.04.2011. 13:38

Love the shots with that tree and your processing is beautiful!

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