I had so much fun photographing Sara and Adam’s wedding in Gerringong on the South Coast of NSW. They often had me in stitches during the bridal portraits and of course all the  action on the dance floor was very funny.  Sara and Adam were married at the Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Gerringong.  Their wedding reception was held at the Gerroa Fishermans Club.
Here are a few of my favourite photos, minus many hilarious dance moves which I thought I’d better keep private ; )

Gerringong Wedding118.JPG Gerringong Wedding125.JPG Gerringong Wedding119.JPG Gerringong Wedding120.JPG Gerringong Wedding121.JPG Gerringong Wedding123.JPG Gerringong Wedding122.JPG Gerringong Wedding126.JPG Gerringong Wedding124.JPG Gerringong Wedding127.JPG Gerringong Wedding128.JPG Gerringong Wedding129.JPGGerringong Wedding130.JPG Star of the Sea church175.JPG Star of the Sea church176.JPG Star of the Sea church177.JPG Star of the Sea church178.JPG Star of the Sea church179.JPG Star of the Sea church180.JPG Star of the Sea church181.JPG Gerringong Wedding140.JPG Star of the Sea church182.JPG Gerringong Wedding141.JPG Gerringong Wedding142.JPG Gerringong Wedding146.JPG Gerringong Wedding145.JPG Gerringong Wedding143.JPG Gerringong Wedding144.JPG Gerringong Wedding147.JPG Gerringong Wedding148.JPG Gerringong Wedding149.JPG Gerringong Wedding150.JPG Gerringong Wedding151.JPG Gerringong Wedding154.JPG Gerringong Wedding152.JPG Gerringong Wedding131.JPG Gerringong Wedding155.JPG Gerringong Wedding153.JPG Gerringong Wedding156.JPG Gerringong Wedding157.JPG Gerringong Wedding158.JPG Gerringong Wedding159.JPG Gerringong Wedding160.JPG Gerringong Wedding161.JPG Gerringong Wedding162.JPG Gerringong Wedding163.JPG Gerringong Wedding164.JPG Gerringong Wedding165.JPG Gerringong Wedding166.JPG Gerringong Wedding167.JPG Gerringong Wedding172.JPG Gerringong Wedding168.JPG Gerringong Wedding169.JPG Gerringong Wedding170.JPG Gerringong Wedding171.JPG Gerringong Wedding173.JPG Gerringong Wedding174.JPG

I’ve photographed many weddings in Gerringong NSW.  You can view more Gerringong wedding photos on my old blog HERE