Award winning photographer

2012 APPA Awards

In all my haste to get everything finished before I left to go overseas, I totally forgot to blog about my recent accomplishments at the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA).  For those of you who follow my Facebook or Twitter pages this will be old news so sorry for the repeat.  So back in May I entered the biggest photography competition in Australia, The APPA’s. Each photographer is allowed to enter 4 images only.  This year I entered the wedding category which is the toughest category to win anything as it has the most number of entrants and the calibre of work is very very high.  APPA is a print competition so we need to have our photos professionally printed and mounted before they are sent off for judging.  The competition is judged by some of the most famous Australian photographers some of whom actually enter the awards themselves making it a very tough competition. We are judged not only on our photography skills but also on the quality of printing. To say it is a nerve racking experience is an understatement.  I couldn’t attend the judging in person as this year it was held in Melbourne but I was able to view it live over the internet.  I can tell you that by the end of it I truly had no finger nails left.  So how did I go I can all hear you asking?  Well 2 of my 4 prints scored Silver awards.  I was very close to getting 3 silvers as one of the prints scored a 79 which meant it went into another room for review to see if it would stay at 79 or go up to 80 which is a Silver award.  Sadly it stayed at 79 so technically a Bronze award if there was such a thing, but the APPA’s only give Silver and Gold awards.  Anyway I am very pleased with my achievement.  Bring on next year! Oh and a big thank you to my beautiful couples for allowing me to capture amazing images such as these.

Here are my 2 Silver award winning images.

Award winning photographer

Award winning photographer NSW


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